Off the Map and In the Mud

It’s hard to believe that only an hour north of Green Bay a guy can still get lost. I mean really lost. Marinette County has thousands of acres of public forestlands and private timberlands; easily found in a plat book, roads seemingly accurately marked. However, once you turn off the pavement be prepared to get stuck, get lost or worse.

Last week one of the acquisition brokers brought in a possible new listing and handed me the map, “Go check it out; here’s the best way to find it.” It looked simple enough; north on 141 through Crivitz, XXXX on County Road XX, North on XXXXX Lane and XX miles to property on XXXX. (Sorry about the blocked out directions; new listings are top secret in this business.)

Everything was fine until I turned off of the pavement. It was a nice warm day, window down, working on the left arm tan. I started to hear a giant sucking sound, the truck seemed to be slowing down. “Drats,” I thought, “I’ve got a flat tire.” I stopped at the top of a hill and jumped out to take a look and was up to my ankles in mud. The giant sucking sound was the sound of my truck sinking up to axles.

I jumped back in, put it in four wheel drive and slogged it out of the mud and down the hill. I didn’t stop again until I was at the top of another hill at the property. The road along here was in much better condition. All was well until the low fuel light came on; a few quick pictures and time to get moving.

It’s a good thing I know this country well. Follow the trout stream, left over the bridge, past the boat landing, right at the waterfalls and right just past the old schoolhouse. The alternative route to bypass the seasonal mud pit. Who needs maps?

Chalk Hills Acres LandChalk Hills Acres Road

September 2007: This property is now available for sale – Chalk Hills Acres

2 Responses to “Off the Map and In the Mud”

  1. Rick Thomas Says:

    I’m familar with and love this part of Marinette County. The fishing is fantastic on Chalk Hills Flowage and there’re no jet skiers! Is this property north of K or south?

  2. Patrick Says:

    Hello Rick: Yes, this is a fantastic part of Marinette County. Great fishing on Chalk Hills Flowage, but you forgot to mention White Rapids Flowage, just down the road. This property is just north of K. Call me or email me soon; we only have five parcels for sale out there and three already have offers pending on them. -Patrick 1-800-388-7685

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