Two Old Boats

Last week I came across two old abandoned boats on two different properties. One was on the shore of a beautiful lake surrounded by national forest. The other was on the shore of the Menominee River in a remote area of the Upper Peninsula. Both were simple little row boats turned turtle to keep out the rain, snow and leaves.

They looked like they had been left, hidden in the trees and brush, to await the return of the owner for another day on the water. Seasons changed, months passed and years went by with the two boats individually moldering away, never to ply the water again. How come those anglers never returned? If they’re still alive do they ever think about their boats, still hidden and waiting for them?       -Patrick

Old Boat IOld Boat II

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  1. Rick Thomas Says:

    Hey, nicely written. My grandpa used to keep an old rowboat down at the pond on his farm. Years later, after he had passed away and the farm was sold, I visited the pond and his boat was still there. I found one of his old oars and hung it in my rec room next to his old fishing rod.

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