The Fish Are Biting at Shingle Mill Lake

A lot of work goes into our property listings before they go on the market and are ready to show:  surveying, road building, getting government approvals, soil testing, etc.  The actual site prep, cutting trails, clearing building sites and opening up views, is handled by our hardworking field crew.  At Shingle Mill Lake …

Shingle Mill Lake Dock IShingle Mill Lake Dock II

they recently put in a dock on the common area on the north end of the lake.  And what better way to check the quality of a job well done than to wet a line. Here’s their report: “Hello Patrick: These are a couple of pictures of the new dock at Shingle Mill Lake.  There are four sections and water depth is 40” at the end.  We took the 5th section over to Alice Lake.  The Field Crew cleared the weeds on each side and revealed a hard sand bottom.  It looks swimmable for the little kids.  There is organic material at the end so that area is more of a fishing spot.  The Field Crew tried wetting a line and collected a dozen bluegills in a few minutes.  They practice catch and release so the fish are still there. -Bob Patton”

Hey Bob:  Where are the pictures of the fish? -Patrick

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