Upper Peninsula, Mich.: Home sales benefit from tourism

The Mackinac Bridge connects the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the Lower Peninsula. The U.P., as the Upper Peninsula is called, stands apart, geographically and economically, from the lower land mass.

While the Lower Peninsula has been suffering from job losses in the auto industry, home foreclosures and mortgage delinquencies, the U.P. has benefited from tourism, mining and logging.

And at a time when home sales have declined overall in Michigan, they have risen in the U.P.

Marquette, in particular, stands out. It is the largest city in the Upper Peninsula, the site of Marquette General Hospital and Northern Michigan University.

“The homes in Marquette sell at higher dollar (value) because it’s a large city, and it has more to offer,” says Kim Stille, president-elect of the Upper Peninsula Association of Realtors.

Many people are buying houses and condos in Marquette, in part because it’s close to Lake Superior, where families can take advantage of nature hikes and shopping. New condos, which are popular as second homes for those who like to ski in winter, are going up near the lake.

“A lot of baby boomers are coming back to retire here, where their roots are,” Stille adds.

Stille notes that interest rates are still stable and says she thinks the U.P. should continue to benefit.

See full USA Today article.

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