Is this a good time to buy Vacation Property?

No matter what we hear on the nightly news, no matter how much money we have in the bank, no matter how long we’ve been thinking about or looking at property, and even if we’re standing on the perfect property we’d like to own we all ask one question before we sign a purchase agreement: “Is this a good time to buy real estate?” It’s a lot easier to answer that question and sleep well at night after buying property if we’re just a little better informed about the status of the real estate market. Here are some recent articles pertaining to recreational real estate:

Vacation Property Sales Increase by Phoebe Chongchua, Realty Times

“definite green light to anyone thinking of buying a vacation property.”

View Entire Article: Realty Times

Bull, Bear Grapple in Vacation Home Market by Broderick Perkins, Realty Times

“it’s quite a bull market and it could be a good time to get that second home.”

View Entire Article: Realty Times

Vacation-Home Sales Rise to Record, Investment Sales Plummet in 2006 by Walter Molony, National Association of Realtors

“NAR’s annual Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey shows vacation-home sales rose 4.7 percent to a record 1.07 million in 2006 from 1.02 million in 2005″

View Entire Article: National Association of Realtors


Vacation-Home Sales Hit Record; Investment Purchases Fall by Amy Hoak, The Wall Street Journal Online

“A sharp drop in investment-home sales offset a record number of vacation-home purchases”

View Entire Article: Real Estate Journal

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    All I have to do is just look around me, there are signs of new homes being built everywhere. This real estate market is hot and ready to get hotter, you better hurry before the prices start going up too much! I can see the changes already…..

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