Good Ol’ Fashioned Wisconsin Winter

It’s been a long, snowy winter in Northeast Wisconsin, even for us Wisconsinites that have lived here all our lives.

Wisconsin Snowbank

But somehow or other we’ll get through. . .


With a little ingenuity and some hard work we always manage to clear the driveway. And since we’re Wisconsinites, we always remember the little old lady across the street.


Usually the roads up here get plowed out in a reasonable time.  But, if they don’t we always manage to find a way to get a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread.

Wisconsin Mailbox

Sometimes we don’t get our mail after the plow comes through.  Not getting all of the bills and credit card offers is fine, but missing the latest Cabela’s catalog can really hurt.

Wisconsin Snowman

When life gives you snow make snowmen.

Wisconsin Cooler

Or, just stoke up the fireplace and stay inside with a nice refreshing beverage.  It won’t be long until the first thaw.

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  1. Zac Says:

    Awesome article I really loved some of the pictures. Also, I used some of the pictures for a apaper I had to write. I gave you full credit, though.

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