Why can’t I find a few acres sitting all alone?

Dear Farmer Smith,

I want just a few acres surrounded by national forest.  How do I find property like this?

Thanks, I.M. Urban

Dear I.M.,

Yup, a few acres surrounded by national forest would be nice; no neighbors, no roads, no electric, no telephone, none of this newfangled internet.  But, unless a few acres means a more expensive 40 acres, 80 acres, or more, it’s not gonna happen.

One hundred and fifty years ago when the first government surveyors came through these parts they weren’t in the habit of cornering off a little bitty five acre tract for some guy that hadn’t even been born yet.  Those early surveyors used compasses and chains to section off square miles, 640 acres.  People could buy, or homestead, 40 and 80 acre and larger tracts; sixteen forties in a square mile.

If you’re used to living in the city a few neighbors ain’t gonna bother you.  Heck, you can all share the cost of running in a road and some power for the missus’ blow dryer.

See ya up north, Farmer Smith

Farmer Smith

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