Wisconsin Lakes & Rivers Recreation Facts

Just for fun, here are some interesting recreation facts about Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers.

Northeast Wisconsin Lakes Recreation

Wisconsin Fish & Fishing

  • Wisconsin lakes and rivers are habitat to 159 fish species in 27 families.

  • 145 of these species are native to the state; 14 are introduced non-native species.

 Wisconsin Boating

  • Wisconsin has more than 575,000 registered boats, about one for every ten residents.

  • Wisconsin has an estimated 325,000 non-motorized boats, about 75 percent of which are canoes and kayaks.

  • Boating in Wisconsin has grown in popularity; Wisconsin had only 303,000 registered boats in 1969.

  • More than 40 percent of the registered boats in 1997–98 were between 16 and 39 feet long, compared to just 18 percent 20 years ago.

  • The number of Wisconsin residents seven years old and up who canoe at least once a year has stayed stable for several years at about 400,000.

  • According to the National Sporting Goods Association, the number of people kayaking at least once a year has increased to about 25,000.

  • About 6 percent of Wisconsin’s residents sail.

Other Wisconsin Water Related Recreation

  • Wisconsin has more than 170 public beaches along Lake Michigan.

  • Swimming ranks third, behind walking and driving for pleasure, as Wisconsin residents’ favorite outdoor activity.

  • According to the University of Wisconsin Survey Center and the National Sporting Goods Association nearly 60 percent of Wisconsinites say they swim for recreation.

  • 18 percent of the population ice skates, five percent water skis, and two percent snorkel, according to the National Sporting Goods Association estimates for Wisconsin.

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