Sad News: ‘Chicken Dance’ King Dies

If you’ve ever experienced a classic Wisconsin wedding you’ve either witnessed or participated in a polka known as the ‘Chicken Dance’.  While this dance is often seen in other parts of the country, the Chicken Dance is a mandatory ritual of getting hitched in Wisconsin.

If you ever get invited to a wedding in Wisconsin here’s how it goes:

  • Begin in a large circle with everybody facing in towards the center of the ring.
  • At the start of the music, shape a chicken beak with your hands. Open and close it four times, during the first four beats of the music.
  • Make chicken wings with your arms. Flap your wings four times, during the next four beats of the music.
  • Make a chicken’s tail feathers with your arms and hands. Wiggle downwards during the next four beats of the music.
  • Clap four times during the next four beats of the music.
  • Repeat this process four times.
  • After the fourth time you grab your neighbors’ hands and move round in a circle.
  • Switch directions when the bandleader says so.
  • The dance repeats, progressively getting faster and faster, until the music stops.

Don’t practice this at work where someone may walk in on you.

Read about the interesting life of Bob Kames the ‘Chicken Dance’ King:

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