Slain Illinois Cougar Came from Wisconsin

There have long been unsubstantiated rumors of cougar sightings in Wisconsin, ‘bar talk’ as the grapevine is know in these parts, but now it is a proven fact. Sadly, our only cougar crossed the border into Illinois where he met his demise. Too bad he didn’t take a left at McHenry and head up north.

Here’s a link to the article:,0,4441738.story

Here’s an interesting take on the ‘cougar-cide’:

And, for some real good info about cougars in Wisconsin browse around the excellent WI DNR site:

If and when you get up this way we can’t promise you’ll witness your own cougar sighting, but we’ll give you a good shot at seeing eagles, deer, porcupines, otters, muskrat . . .


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