Why Can’t I Find Wisconsin Lake Property Close to Home?


Dear Farmer Smith,



How come it’s so hard to find a large lake that I can run my boat on that’s not way up north?


Thanks in advance, Will Waterski


Dear Will,


It’s been good while since I sat in that little one room schoolhouse that I went to, but let me pull out some basic arithmetic on you.  80% of Wisconsin’s lakes are in the northern part of the state; and, of Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes, 13,000 are less than fifty surface acres, therefore no-wake lakes.  If I divide the numerator of boatable lakes by the denominator of southern Wisconsin lakes that leaves you with only about 400 lakes that are “not way up north”.


But, you’d better act fast, there’re well over three million people in Chicago and Milwaukee alone, and more than a couple of’em are also looking for lake property


See you on the lake, Farmer Smith


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    Funny. ;-)

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