Dead Vet’s Vette

Dear Farmer Smith:

I have a friend of a friend of a friend who found a lake lot that a little old lady just wanted to get rid of it and didn’t know what it was worth. How do I find a real estate deal like this?

Sincerely, Ben Robbed

Dear Ben,

Kind of reminds me of that old urban myth about the Dead Vet’s Vette. You know that old tale about the old lady whose son was killed in Vietnam and years later sold his mint Corvette for $50 because she only saw it as an old ‘63Chevy?

First of all, whenever a story begins with ‘A friend of a friend . . .’ it is a myth. We want to believe the story because it sounds like we’re only one person away from such a fortuitous event happening to us. Second, the key word is myth. If you’re waiting for some sort of miraculous deal on property someday you’ll look back and wonder why you just didn’t go out and find some property that fits your needs at a fair price. Life’s not getting any longer. Last, please don’t tell me that you’re the type of scoundrel that would take advantage of some little old lady or any other person for that matter. Would you really enjoy the property with that weighing on your moral conscience?

Good luck on the property search,
Farmer Smith

P.S. My nephew, an honest to goodness computer geek, found this here link on his telephone:

P.P.S Can you imagine such a thing? A telephone that goes on the internet? I remember when if you needed to get information from the telephone you just picked up the phone and listened to old Ethel Fleming gossip to Doris Kramer on the party line!

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