Blue Collar Cabins

“With sweat equity investment and a little scratch you can build your dream cabin without breaking the bank”

Many people dream of owning a log home in the country, in the woods or on the water. What often prevents the dream from becoming a reality are the perceived costs of the project. A recent article in Heartland USA magazine dispels some of those fears and myths.

Naturally it all starts with finding the right land to build on. After that, this cabin building article may help get that new vacation property ‘off the ground’.

Rustic Cabin Property

Read the entire article by Tracy Breen at Heartland USA here:

3 Responses to “Blue Collar Cabins”

  1. david fernandis Says:

    It is really very difficult to find a place like that.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Hi David:

    Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. I’ve been working with this kind of property for many years, and yes it is difficult to find a place like that. But that’s the point of the article: Find some cheap land in Wisconsin or Michigan, get to work and build your own place.

    Best regards,

  3. sam Says:

    I have more time than money, so I work on the cabin each fall. Three friends and I built the basic structure in less than two days.
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