The Raspberry Patch

With rising food prices, there’s been a lot of talk about modern “Victory Gardens”, a little vegetable garden in the backyard to grow some fresh and free food. Another source of fresh, organic and free food is the north country. For some this means game, fish and fowl. For others this means foraging for edible ‘wild’ plants: morels, fiddleheads, leaks, rice, tree nuts and berries.

Wild Raspberries

A simple way to begin wild foraging is to be on the lookout for blackberries and raspberries, one of the easiest natural eats found in the forests of Wisconsin and Michigan. Here’s some photos of the raspberry patch I came across the other day. Sweet, juicy and 100% wild; the bounty of the northwoods!

Wild Wisconsin Raspberries

For more on the subject of wild food foraging in the northwoods take a look at Wisconsin author Sam Thayer’s website: Forager’s Harvest

Sam Thayer’s book can be found on his website and also on Amazon along with many other excellent books on the subject: The Forager’s Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants

Wild Raspberry Patch

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  1. ArielMowan Says:

    I’m sold :) ) +1

  2. Patrick Says:

    Just a side note, the wild blackberry’s were outstanding this past season. Anyone interested in northern Wisconsin should definitely make plans on visiting Wisconsin’s and Michigan’s northwoods during the late summer, early fall blackberry season. If you can get to the berries before the bears, you’ll take home one of the richest foods, ounce per ounce, in anti-oxidants there is.

  3. rabia Says:

    I love rassberrys

  4. Joann43 Says:

    Nice little article about “Up North”.

  5. Ruthie Says:

    Please contact me about this. Thank you.

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