Lake Lot for Sale – NOT

The real estate brokers and agents at Loon Lake Realty invest a great deal of time driving to and walking potential new property listings to offer. Here’s one that didn’t make the cut.

  • Way back at the end of a little gravel road, very secluded. – Check.
  • A beautiful mix of pines and hardwoods. – Check.
  • Power run all the way to the lake. – Check.
  • A no wake lake, serene and quiet. – Check.
  • Deer peacefully foraging along the lake shore. – Check.
  • Clear, clean looking water. – Check.
  • Sand bottom. – Another wasted tank of gas.

Another lake property not for sale by Loon Lake Realty.

Lake Lot for Sale - NOT

5 Responses to “Lake Lot for Sale – NOT”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This property looks kind of gooy.

  2. Bob Heck Says:

    This doesn’t sound bad for the right price. The lake is still good for fishing

  3. Patrick Says:

    Hi, yes the lake was kind of gooy, gooey. And, the fishing may be OK, but not the type of frontage that most people would want to invest their hard earned real estate investment dollars into.

  4. John Says:

    What’s wrong with a marl-bottom lake? Marl and vegetation can make for a fantastic fishing ecosystem. I agree not the best for swimming, but value can be subjective. Still, I’d rather invest my hard-earned money into Shingle Mill lake near Manistee, Michigan.

  5. loonlake Says:

    Hi ‘John’ – I appreciate your comments about two very different lakes. Feel free to meet me anytime at Shingle Mill Lake and we can discuss some different options for you face to face. It’s just a short drive from Spring Lake.

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