Heading Up North to Deer Camp

Every year there’s a spectacular migration along the highways and byways of Wisconsin . . . it’s the annual migration of hunters heading north for Wisconsin’s nine day White-tail deer gun season.  Here’s a photo of what it looks like from the Loon Lake Realty office on the Friday evening before opening day.

Heading North for Hunting Season

Heading North for Hunting Season

2 Responses to “Heading Up North to Deer Camp”

  1. Crivitz Dude Says:

    Hi, where’s that land for sale on your sign at? Wisconsin or the UP? I’ll check back. Crivitz Dude

  2. Patrick Says:

    Hi Crivitz Dude: That hunting land for sale is just northwest from Crivitz over near Wabeno. It has trails cut throughout and excellent road access, all high ground. Call or e-mail for a map . . . and SOON, a lot of guys are looking now for next year because they had a bad hunt this season. -Patrick

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