Wisconsin Michigan Connection

Save time! Save gas! Save Money!

I’ve taken the SS Badger ferry from Manitowoc to Ludington and back on more than a few occasions to visit Loon Lake Realty’s Michigan property listings. I’ve calculated the time, fuel (Especially at today’s gas prices!) and cost comparison between driving across the UP versus taking the ferry and believe that, depending on the final destination, I’m way ahead by taking the ferry. Plus, I can sit back and relax instead of staring at miles of highway. A side benefit is that there are no cell phone towers in the middle of Lake Michigan so you get a couple of hours being “off the grid”.

Most of the people I’ve visited with on the cruise are traveling to see family, vacationing tourists, and bikers from who are avoiding the Chicago leg of a trip around Lake Michigan. Additionally, I’ve been engaged in more than a few conversations with Wisconsinites who are traveling to their lake property that they own in Michigan. Wisconsin has over fifteen thousand lakes. Why would anyone from Wisconsin travel to Michigan for a lake cottage? The answer was universally simple . . . you can buy a lake property in Michigan for a fraction of what a similar lake property in Wisconsin would cost.

Take a look around the internet for yourself, and naturally please start with Loon Lake Realty Waterfront Property.

SS Badger

SS Badger

Here are the links to the two Lake Michigan car ferry’s.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin and Ludington, Michigan: SS Badger

Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Muskegon, Michigan: Lake Express

Just for fun, here’s the Lake Express high speed ferry pulling five waterskiers from Marquette University on Lake Michigan, one mile off the shore of Milwaukee.

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